Key management

Does the congestion of key management at the turn of the month sound familiar? Maintenance personnel, electricians, or tenants need keys quickly, but queuing up for keys takes up valuable time? Employees have their hands full and key distribution feels like chaos? Smartbox Key a management locker for keys is the solution to the problem. With the help of the locker, the distribution of keys takes place conveniently without queuing, thus saving customers’ time and making staff more efficient. The use of lockers for key management is suitable for operators of all sizes, from cities to municipalities, from hospitals to educational institutions, and from security operators to locksmiths and service shops.

Compatibility with key management systems Visma Tampuuri and LokiTime

Combining the Smartbox Key locker with the company’s existing key management systems can be achieved effortlessly. The Smartbox Key locker is compatible with the industry’s leading key management systems, Visma Tampuuri and Lokitime.

Our key management customers

TVT Asunnot commissioned the Smartbox Key locker in December 2020. Read more about how TVT Asunnot uses the Smartbox Key locker for key management for rental customers and how they feel the locker improves their whole service package, from the button below.