With the help of a pick-up locker, libraries are able to assure essential transactions with customers during the pandemic. It can be used to manage the collection and return of books. In addition to the pandemic period, the locker is also a great investment for the future. Its use is increasing in various industries and is helping to free up workers’ time. In addition, customers really like the use of the locker; our customer feedback is currently 3.9 / 4. Customer feedback has been collected from more than 40,000 people who have used the Smartbox locker.

The locker has been developed on the principle that it should be as easy to use as possible for the end user. The locker can both be filled and the product can be picked up hygienically with a QR code or a numeric code. The appearance as well as the shape, number and size of the compartments in the locker can be completely customised according to the needs of the library. The pick-up locker can be placed in a vestibule, for example, in which case it is possible to introduce automatic front door control, which makes the locker accessible 24/7. With our software expertise, we are able to integrate the Smartbox pickup locker into our customers’ back-end systems.