We provide comprehensive smart collection and return solutions. Our superpowers are our technical edge and our experience with customised integrations for customers.


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Smart parcel lockers and system integrations to meet your precise needs

Use Smartbox to supplement your online store or other service. We are a partner to software agencies and service providers, responsible for comprehensive software expertise and dozens of successful integrations – using smart solutions customised for each specific customer.

We bring together effective solutions and the best customer experience. Smartbox frees up the customer’s resources for core tasks and business development.

How does it work?

1 You agree with the customer when the product will be available for pick-up from the Smartbox.

2 The product is left in the locker.

3 The customer receives the unlock code as a text message and can pick up the product when it suits them.

4 Information about collection by the customer is updated on a log which the service provider can monitor using the Smartbox Cloud.

5 A reminder can be sent to the customer via the Smartbox Cloud.

Our new solution – Smartbox Mobile

Improves operational efficiency | Enables add-on sales | Increases customer satisfaction

Ask us for a free capacity need and
service level need consultation!

We offer a variety of ready-made solutions, customised solutions and integrated solutions, which can all be later extended for more locker space and paired with different services.

Smartbox, a new and innovative solution provider

  • an agile developer that understands customers’ needs
  • a decade of experience and competitive edge in software solutionsNumerous lockers installed
  • continuously develops its services and technology
  • references from top companies in a range of industries

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