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Smart lockers paired with smart services for smarter pick-ups and drop-offs

Smartbox is an easy to use solution developed in collaboration with leading retail operators suited for pick-ups and drop-offs of almost any kind. Our lockers come in a variety of sizes and can also be customized both in terms of total size and number of lockers to house items ranging in size from keys to wheelchairs.

How does it works?

1 You agree with the customer when the product will be available for pick-up from the Smartbox.

2 The product is left in the locker.

3 The customer receives the unlock code as a text message and can pick up the product when it suits them.

4 Once the customer has picked up the product, the pickup information is updated in a log that the service provider can remotely track.

5 If need be, a reminder message can be sent to the customer via the remote management service.

Our new solution – Smartbox Mobile

Improves operational efficiency | Enables add-on sales | Increases customer satisfaction

  • Cost efficient
    • Customers picking up their already-paid-for parcels themselves from the lockers eliminates the need to manage peak service hour queues just to hand over parcels
  • Enables extending opening hours
    • Customers can also pick up their parcels outside of service hours – even up to 24/7 – when the locker is placed in a public open space
  • Enables add-on sales
    • The message sent to the customer containing pick-up instructions and a unique pick-up code doubles up as a marketing platform that can be used to inform the customer, for example, about new or related products
    • Marketing materials and special offers can also be physically placed in the locker with the
  • Easy to use
    • Pharmacy staff places the parcel in the locker and enters the customer’s phone number in the touch screen display
    • The customer receives a message with a unique code and pickup instructions
    • The customer enters or scans the code at the locker and picks up the order
  • Works as is, or as integrated into a webshop
    • Simple plug and play set up: only needs a SIM card and an electric outlet to work
    • If needed, can be integrated to different backend systems
  • Extendable with extra modules
    • If capacity needs change, can later be extended with extra modules for more locker space
    • Can be paired with extra services:
    • Contactless pickup using a QR code
    • Different payment options
    • Easy staff login with ID tags
    • Remote locker management
    • Collecting customer feedback
    • Customer branding printed on the automat
  • Our customers are exceptionally happy
    • Our average customer satisfaction score is an exceptionally high 3.8/4
    • More than 50% of our 30 000 customers have given feedback, which is above the industry norm
    • Pharmacies have reported an increase in their customer satisfaction scores after taking Smartbox into use
    • Customers appreciate ease of use, convenience, extended service hours and our new ‘hands-free’ pick-up functionality

Ask us for a free capacity need and
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We offer a variety of ready-made solutions, customised solutions and integrated solutions, which can all be later extended for more locker space and paired with different services.

Why us?

  • Experience from multiple industries
  • Tens of thousands of customers served
  • Numerous lockers installed
  • Exceptionally high 3.8/4 overall customer satisfaction score
  • Customisable solution suited for drop-offs and pick-ups of almost any kind

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