The Click’n’Collect solution effectively supports Tekant’s online store

Smartbox Tekant is an Oulu-based company selling spare parts for mopeds. The company has a highly popular online store situated in Oulu’s Rusko area. In the Rusko pickup warehouse, there is a Smartbox pickup locker named Moped-Matic, which serves the local customer base for pickup orders. Tekant’s customers have welcomed the 24/7 Moped-Matic with joy.

Smartbox application: Moped-Matic, a pickup service for moped spare parts orders.

Before Smartbox: Virtually all of Tekant’s business is based around its online store. However, the company has a small pickup warehouse in Oulu for local customers. Since the pickup warehouse is only a small part of the business, its opening hours were extremely limited. This received a lot of feedback from customers.

With Smartbox: Customers can now pick up their orders 24/7. Upon receiving the pickup message from the pickup locker, the customer receives a code to open both the external door and the correct compartment in the Moped-Matic. Orders can be picked up quickly and without waiting. Tekant’s promise is that products can be picked up from the Moped-Matic within an hour of ordering.

Smartbox solution in use: Tekant started with a 32-compartment locker. However, the locker has been in such frequent use that the company decided to expand it with additional compartments. With the additional modules, the total number of compartments is now 86. The locker has expanded to replace the services counter in the pickup warehouse as well.

Next, the plan is to customize the Smartbox modules for a return locker, where online store orders can also be returned conveniently.

Did you know? A Smartbox locker is easy to expand later on. The customer can decide the size and quantity of compartments, and the expansion is tailored to fit the available space perfectly.

“Ingenious! So quick and handy, I can pick up my order when I want and without queues.”

-User feedback

Benefits of the Smartbox solution for Tekant:

Smartbox lockers can be used in sports stores in many different ways. Intersport

• There were a total of 9000 customer transactions in 2023.

• The pickup warehouse does not require separate opening hours, eliminating the need for staff to be stationed at the counter.

• The overall rating in the customer survey was an impressive 4.9/5. 100% of respondents would recommend Moped-Matic to a friend.

The Moped-Matic parcel locker has been really warmly welcomed and is increasingly in use. The locker fits well into our operations and effectively supports the online store. It serves our customers flexibly and effortlessly around the clock, every day. The interface of the locker itself is simple and user-friendly, so a new employee can learn to use it very quickly after a short orientation.

– Teemu Kuisma, CEO Tekant Ltd –


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